Dromex Boxer Shoe
♂ Boxer safety shoe: A steel toe cap, double density sole and an oil & slip resistant shoe. Available in Sizes: 3-13
♂ WorkPro: The WorkPro is the ideal shoe as casual work footwear, where a clean and uniform look is ideal. Available in Sizes: 2-13
♂ Multi / 71441: A benchmark safety shoe covering all the basics. Available in Sizes: 5-13

Frams Excel 9003
♂ FRAMS Excel 9003: Heat Resistant up to 95° Celsius, TPU/PU Dual Density Sole for Improved Abrasion Resistance. Available in Sizes: 4-13
♂ Radical / 60001: A durable working safety shoe. Available in Sizes: 4-13
♂ Chukka Shoe: Quality safety footwear suitable for those always on the move. Available in Sizes: 2-16

♂ Cambridge / 70004: A stylish slip-on Executive safety shoe with overlay. Available in Sizes: 5-12
♂ Jarmin / 70003: A professional, up-market Brogue safety shoe. Available in Sizes: 5-12
♂ Oxford / 70006: A fashionable Oxford-style corporate shoe. Available in Sizes: 5-12

♂ Hamburg / 90008: A comfortable and protective safety shoe in a trendsetting suede style. Available in Sizes: 4-12
♂ Atlantis / 30006: A lightweight shoe in a modern sporty style Available in Sizes: 5-12
♂ Trainer / 60012: A versatile lace-up safety shoe in a comfy sport style. Available in: Black or Walnut Sizes: 4-12

Classic Shoe
♂ The Classic Shoe: A classic styled, formal shoe that doesn’t compromise on industrial safety features. Available in Sizes: 4-13
♂ Bremen / 20001: A comfortable safety shoe with anti-fatigue engineering Available in Sizes: 5-13
♂ Lo-Top: This stylish safety shoe offers you an easy slip-on solution with supreme comfort. A high quality, premium leather is used, while safety features include steel toe cap, anti-static, oil resistance and heat resistance. Available in Sizes: 4-13

♂ Enduro-Max: This versatile safety shoe offers superb ventilation with a durable mesh and Nubuck leather upper, the dual density EVA/Rubber sports shoe outsole offers impeccable comfort and traction. Available in Sizes: 4-13
♂ Hawk / 40001: An ideal, comfortable safety shoe for exposure to sharp glass or metal shavings. Available in Sizes: 5-12
♂ DynaPro Safety Shoe: The DynaPro is highly recommended for production lines, factory floors, hospitality, transport and the automotive industry. Available in Sizes: 4-13

♂ Enterprise / 30002: A sporty-looking safety shoe with reflective tape additions. Available in Sizes: 5-12
Expedition Lo
♂ Expedition Lo: The Expedition Lo features a quality Nubuck leather upper, a rubber toe-bumper, an EVA/rubber and anti-penetration nail guard sole, and a steel shank for torsional rigidity. Available in: Black or Brown Sizes: 4-13
Health Sandal
♂ Health Sandal / 20011: A safety sandal recommended for individuals with Diabetes. Available in Sizes: 5-12

♂ Rocna: Engineered to provide the wearer with protection in an array of extreme environments including: slippery conditions, high heat, high abrasion, exposure to acids, oils and chemicals. Available in Sizes: 4-13


♂♀ Neogrip / 90005: A durable high-flex unisex safety shoe with leather upper and tongue. Available in Sizes: 5-13
Glider Shoe
♂♀ Glider Shoe: A comfortable, slip resistant and non-metallic slip-on shoe perfectly designed for use in indoor factories, production lines, transport, motor and hospitality industries. Available in Sizes: 3-13
♂♀ Light Industrial: The Light Industrial shoe features a sleek, sporty design. Available in Sizes: 2-13


♀ Kito: The Kito ladies shoe features a stylish slip-on design. Available in Sizes: 2-8
♀ Iman: Micro-fibre upper with reinforced back guard. Dual Density. Polyurethane sole. Round metal eyelets. Black & pink tailbrelle mesh and micro-fibre lining. 200 Joules steel toe cap. Moulded PU, tailbrelle mesh upper with contoured heel and arch. Available in Sizes: 2-8
♀ Zari: The Zari Shoe features an easy to use velcro strap. It is a slim, ultra-comfortable and elegant safety shoe. Available in Sizes: 2-8

♀ Venice / 51002: A practical safety shoe designed specifically with women in mind. Available in Sizes: 3-8
♀ Paris / 51003: A slip-on women’s safety shoe with extra comfort features. Available in Sizes: 3-8
♀ Court / 51001: A practical slip-on corporate shoe specifically designed with office workers in mind Available in Sizes: 3-8

♀ Jennifer / 55005: An on-site-off-site safety shoe, specifically designed for women. Available in Sizes: 3-8
♀ Madonna / 55001: An active safety shoe engineered specifically for women. With Purple trim. Available in Sizes: 3-8



Bova Sox
♂ Bova Sox: BOVA SOX are engineered with anti-microbial and antistatic properties. Sizes: One size fits all
♂ Smelters Sox: The calf-length sox were specifically constructed for the hot metal industry. Sizes: One size fits all
♂ REBEL socks: REBEL socks provide a comfortable fit, are manufactured from high quality durable fabrics (10% nylon for elasticity) and are suitable for use in high heat environments. Sizes: One size fits all

Sisi Sox
♀ Sisi Sox: SISI SOX are engineered with anti-microbial and antistatic properties. Sizes: One size fits all


Poron EVA Cushioned Top
♂♀ Poron*/EVA Cushioned Top Socks: For specialized orthopaedic prosthesis and footwear. The top sock responds to temperature and weight and moulds to the shape of each wearers foot, thereby providing optimum support where it is needed most. It provides dynamic impact compression, which gently rebounds with every step. Sizes: 5-12
rebel footbeds platinum
♂♀ Rebel Platinum Footbed: Offering special forefoot and heel strike cushions, combined with great arch heel support. Our industrial insoles are engineered to keep your feet comfortable and healthy while you work, no matter what the job is. Sizes: 2-14


beier protector RETOUCHED
♂♀ Bova Aqua Block & Foot Spray: Odour control and water repellent foot sprays