Eye-, Ear- & Mouth



Focus: Polycarbonate clear lens with Vinyl grey, anti scratch and anti fog frame. Only Blue frame available


Storm ST11V


Impact: Available in: Clear, Green

Stratus: Available in: Clear, Grey, Amber, Mirror (Indoor & Outdoor)


Spectacle pouch
Spectacle pouch: Available in: Black

Neck Cord Lanyard
Neck Cord Lanyard: Available in: Black


Spoggle: Available in: Clear, Black

Standard Goggle DV-11
Standard Goggles: Available in: Clear

Ear Protection:

Blue Junior Muff
Blue Junior Muff(JM-B): Blue Junior Muff defenders are lightweight with self adjusting cups for perfect fit, made from durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

Blue Classic Extreme
Blue Classic Extreme (CEM): Blue Classic Extreme defenders are adjustable close fitting wire headbands that are of low risk of entanglement on machinery. Twin point mounted cups for perfect fit made from durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Blue Re-usable Tree Earplugs
Blue Re-usable Tree Earplugs(EG3201): Dromex blue XTREE earplug that is corded and re-usable

Green Re-usable Mushroom Earplug Corded
Green Re-usable Mushroom Earplug Corded(FS5000C): Dromex fluorescent green mushroom earplugs that are corded and re-usable.

Disposable Earplugs
Disposable Earplugs(FG33C): Dromex fluorescent green, PU foam disposable corded earplugs

Stealth red 101 Earplug
Stealth red 101 Earplug: Single Visible colour, Less irritation, Tangle-resistant, Easy to keep clean

Green Re-usable Mushroom Earplug Banded
Green Re-usable Mushroom Earplug Banded(FS5000B): Dromex fluorescent green mushroom banded earplugs that are re-usable.


Dust masks:

Dust mask FFP2 2021
Dust mask FFP2 2021: Valved mask 12 Units per Box

Dust mask FFP2 2020
Dust mask FFP2 2020: 20 Units per Box

Dust mask FFP1 2010
Dust mask FFP1 2010: 20 Units per Box

Half masks:

Standard Half mask DH102
Standard Half mask: Twin Cartridge

Premier Half mask DH202
Premier Half mask: Comes with Cradle


P2 Cartridge DHCTP2
P2 Cartridge: Used for: Dust

ABEK1 Cartridge: Used for: Chemicals

A1 Cartridge
A1 Cartridge: Used for: Spray Paint

Pre-Filters DHCTP2PF
Pre-Filters: WHOLE PACKET consists of: 6 P2 filters and 2 fittings Used for: Dust