Safety Gloves

Cotton Gloves:

Reversible Polka dot Glove GCOTDD
Reversible Polka dot Glove: 7gg machine knitted (crochet) 550gpd with PVC double dotted seamless glove

10gg Cotton Knitted Glove GCOT
10gg Cotton Knitted Glove: Ambidextrous seamless, Provides comfort and protection of the hand, Knit construction stretches for excellent fit, Designed for multiple household applications, Winged thumb,Knit wrist cuff

Nitrile Gloves:

Green Nitrile Gloves
Green Nitrile Gloves: Green nitrile EN Approved category III industrial chemical gloves. (Light and Heavy Chemicals)

Leather Gloves:

Premium Pigskin GTIG
Premium Pigskin: Dromex keystone VIP driver & tig welders glove. A fully grained shirred pigskin leather glove with red trimming

Welders Green Glove WELDGR
Welders Green Glove: Dromex superior green lined leather welted welding gloves. Comes in either 5cm, 20cm or 40cm length Open Cuff

Red Heat Gloves WELDRED
Red Heat Gloves: Dromex red heat gloves sewn with kevlar. Comes in 20cm length Open Cuff

Candy Stripe Chrome
Candy Stripe Chrome: Chrome candy back glove with safety cuff

Super Reinforced Candy GRIGGEREXEC
Super Reinforced Candy: Leather palm rigger gloves with candy back with safety cuff.

Gipskin Candy Stripe 88PBSA
Gipskin Candy Stripe: Pig split candy back glove with safety cuff

Goatskin GGOATA
Goatskin: Dromex keystone VIP driver & tig welders glove. A fully grained shirred Goatskin leather glove with red trimming

Chrome Leather Reinforced Glove WELD
Chrome Leather Reinforced Glove: Dromex premium leather apron palm gloves. Comes in either 5cm or 20cm length Open Cuff

PVC Gloves:

Orange Freezer Glove FREEZERKW
Orange Freezer Glove: Textured Grip – Four layers of protection. Orange Hi-Visibility PVC 30cm Knitted Wrist Freezer Gloves

Red PVC Knitted Cuff GPVCKW
Red PVC Knitted Cuff: Standard weight Dromex red Knitted Wrist PVC coated gloves, interlocked lined.

Red PVC Elbow Open Cuff GPVC35
Red PVC Elbow Open Cuff: Standard weight Dromex red 35cm PVC coated gloves, interlocked lined

PVC Chemical Glove GPVC60X
PVC Chemical Glove: DROMEX Brown smooth PVC gloves, 60cm shoulder with Yellow attachment

Brown PVC Rough GPVC35X
Brown PVC Rough: DROMEX Brown rough PVC gloves, 35cm elbow.

Rubber Gloves:

Black Rubber Glove Elbow H240
Black Rubber Glove Elbow: Black rough palm industrial 40cm rubber gloves with rolled cuff (black/orange)

Black Rubber Glove Shoulder H255
Black Rubber Glove Shoulder: Black rough palm industrial 55cm rubber gloves with rolled cuff (black/orange)

Ace Gripper Glove 1412A
Ace Gripper Glove: The Gripper is a seamless poly cotton yellow shell that is palm dipped in a blue textured crinkled rubber

Yellow Crinkle Comarex Knitted Cuff GCOMKW
Yellow Crinkle Comarex Knitted Cuff: Fully dipped yellow crinkled comarex rubber gloves with knitted wrist

Yellow Crinkle Comarex 35cm GLATEX35
Yellow Crinkle Comarex 35cm: Yellow crinkled comarex 35 cm gauntlet with fleece lined rubber gloves

Crayfish Glove GCRAY
Crayfish Glove: A deep orange groove rubber laminated on 7gg cotton crochet liner.

Yellow Household Glove 10143Y
Yellow Household Glove: Yellow 18mil (0.45mm) flock lined household 30cm rubber glove.

Specialized Gloves:

MIIZU 300K: Hi-viz gloves: Seamless green Hi-viz gloves – black latex micro knuckle coated

MIIZU 300HI: Hi-viz gloves: seamless green hi-viz gloves – black latex micro palm coated

Black max: Black max seamless black inspectors gloves – pu palm coated.

Taeki5 Gloves:

Taeki 59YSP
Taeki 59YSP: Taeki5™ seamless Heat Resistant & cut resistant, super blue latex coated palm grip glove

Taeki 57
Taeki 57: Taeki5™ seamless Heat Resistant & cut grey shell with black nitrile palm coated

Taeki 52LSTPV Impact
Taeki 52LSTPV Impact: Taeki5™ High impact, abrasion, cut & tear, puncture, Heat Resistant & cold resistance. High grip power with enhanced dexterity and flexibility capabilities. A seamless construction with a velcro closure for enhanced fit